We know, we know, it’s very hard to believe, but there are actually music blogs other than Sync out there! To save you the time and potential heartache, despair and ensuing self-pity involved in trying to search for all the other decent ones in a sea of mediocrity, we’ve put together a list of some of the other sites that we think you should know about.

Meanwhile, if you run an ace music blog, are OUTRAGED at not being on the list below, or are simply interested in a reciprocal link in the name of friendship, global peace – and, er, increased traffic – then please drop us an email. Go on. We may smell but we don’t bite. Not very often anyway.

We doff our caps to…

Breaking More Waves – Lovely traditional-style blog (unlike some of the ‘trying too hard’ formats out there). Particularly spot-on with showcasing brand new music talent.

Gig Goer – Strong live reviews and galleries complement the new music picks on this very regularly updated blog.

HighClouds – Most of the sites on our list are UK-based, but this one from Belgium is a monster of a music resource. If you don’t find something that you love on here then maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Mix It All Up – South-East England music blog featuring lots of good stuff from across the full indie spectrum, plus lots of very good gig photography.

Music Matters – Another great one for discovering new music across several genres.

Mytacism Music – Loads of the music we love features on this Worcester-based blog.

Peanut Mixtape – Lots of good stuff, all very well covered by this good-looking and regularly updated blog.

Scientists of Sound – Covers all manner of indie/indie-pop and alternative. Rich in live and album reviews. South Wales-based.

Secret Scout – Lots of new stuff, esp focused on the lively Brighton music scene.

Tap The Feed – Stonkingly good Bristol-based website full to the rafters with gig reviews and interviews on bands we love.

Too Many Blogs – Manchester-based blog covering loads of great stuff. Includes lots of interviews, album and gig reviews.

Twistedsoul – An absolute treasure trove of underground, obscure music you most likely won’t have ever heard about… but will be very glad to have discovered.

When The Horn Blows – Content-packed site with loads of live reviews/photos and plenty of new artists you won’t have come across before.