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Ardyn – Life Happens

The law of averages suggests that Ardyn eventually have to put out something we don’t absolutely love. Well, the Gloucestershire brother-sister duo are clearly not aware of any such rule, having today unveiled yet another beauty.

Finely-crafted pop tune Life Happens is just the latest addition to a wonderfully evolving, maturing sound that is seeing their material seemingly explore new directions on each new song. We initially heard it during their set at the Dot To Dot Festival back in May but the finished version is next level. Life affirming stuff.

Ardyn – Life Happens

Ardyn – Throwing Stones

ARDYN_May2017_2One of the things we’re most pleased about typing whenever we get the chance is the phrase ‘new music from Ardyn‘, so naturally we’re rather excited about this post.

New tune Throwing Stones is a further twist in the evolution of the sound of Katy and Rob Pearson, a brother/sister duo from Gloucestershire. Speaking of the song, Katy said: “The song was inspired by feeling very disillusioned, in particular with the current state of politics and unrest in the world. With everything seemingly going a bit haywire, I felt I needed to put that into words. We’d also recently watched The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock which definitely stuck with me, so the song party draws from that film.” Continue reading

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Ardyn – Together

Sync favourites Ardyn have been hiding themselves away in the studio for a while, pretty much ever since we caught them live during their last UK tour late last year in fact.

Now, they’ve unveiled the first fruits of their production time. Together is a cracking tune that has somewhat wrong-footed fans of the band such as ourselves in that although it’s still very much their sound, it’s also really quite different! It’s upbeat, pop in style – and we love it. Hoping there’s plenty more where this came from.

Catch them at a host of summer festival dates, including Dot To Dot in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham (26-28 May).

Ardyn – Together

TOP TEN TRACKS OF 2016: (1) Ardyn – Over The River

dsc_0206-2It has been an exciting year for brother and sister duo Ardyn. As well as stacks of live shows (see our review of their Bristol gig as well as our interview) both on their own, at festivals,  and supporting Wild Beasts, Katy and Rob Pearson also released EP The Valley, which contained four cracking songs that demonstrate the diverse range of the pair’s talent.

For us, Over The River is the real highlight. From its slow, steady and almost other-worldly build-up to its accomplished and beautifully arranged conclusion, it is one we still keep on coming back to many months after first hearing it. Performed live it is equally mesmerising – we recommend you make it a 2017 priority to see the Gloucestershire-based band for yourself if you get the chance.

In the meantime, we’re proud to have this wonderful song at the top of our list of very favourite tracks of the year.

Ardyn – Over The River

LIVE: Ardyn (The Louisiana, Bristol, 18/11/16)

Given their regular appearances on Sync and our Soundcloud playlists, we were somewhat excited to get the chance to catch brother and sister duo Ardyn live for the first time when their UK tour saw them stop off in Bristol.

They certainly didn’t let us down – it was a great set full of promise from a band which so far has just a couple of EPs to its name but for whom the potential is huge. Their sound is folk at heart, but with a real twist. Strong songwriting and Katy Pearson’s hauntingly beautiful vocals combine to great effect and as a live proposition they are accomplished multi-instrumentalists.

We’ve written a full review of the gig for 365Bristol.com which you can read here, but we wanted to share a few extra photos from the gig on Sync too.


ARDYN (2)There has been a handful of artists that we’ve followed since the very beginning of Sync and which have simply not put a foot wrong. Gloucestershire duo Ardyn are a particular favourite of ours, having created some beautifully rich sounds with real depth and atmosphere.

Brother and sister Rob and Katy Pearson have been developing their enthralling folk-infused material over the last couple of years, releasing EP The Universe last year and most recently fine tuning their live act with an expanded line-up for a string of performances across the UK at festivals of all shapes and sizes.

New song The Valley (featured below along with previous single Over the River which we’ve been listening to pretty much non-stop for a couple of months now!) shows further progress and is sure to help to expand their rapidly growing fan base.

Sync caught up with Ardyn ahead of their show at Farmfest in Somerset this weekend…

SYNC: So what’s the background? When did you start making music and how has it developed over the years?
Katy: We started writing music from an early age. It started off pretty stripped-back, but in the last two years we brought a band in so we could expand our sound.

SYNC: Your music has an ethereal sound that is reminiscent of other artists and yet at the same time sounds totally original. Who are your musical inspirations and influences both past and present?
Rob: Kate Bush has been a massive inspiration to Katy and the Beatles Revolver album to us both. We are a big fan of The Maccabees and The National. We have both been listening to a lot of Father John Misty at the moment – we caught his set at Latitude last weekend, which was great.

SYNC: How does your songwriting process work? Is it purely collaborative between you both or does one take the lead in some respects?
Katy: Our songwriting process is so varied. Sometimes it’s a balanced input from both of us, and other times one of us will come to the other with an almost finished song and just add some last little bits to it. Or Rob will have a riff and come to me to add a melody.

SYNC: Live performances vs studio work: which do you prefer and how have both been going for you recently?
Katy: I love both aspects, but recently I have really been enjoying playing live. We have got to a good place with our set and everyone’s feeling much more confident with the songs.
Rob: I love both, but there’s a great feeling that I get from playing live that I haven’t had in the studio yet.

SYNC: We gather you were in the States recently. Was this an escape for working on new material?
Katy: Yes, we went out there to do some writing and just get out of our comfort zone. It was an amazing experience such a different vibe out there.

SYNC: Closer to home, what is your local music scene like? Has it been an important testing ground for you?
Rob: Our local scene has been really supportive to us over the years, there are a few pubs where we sometimes play low-key gigs to test new songs out.

SYNC: What are the next steps for Ardyn? Are there any live shows are in the pipeline – and can we expect an album anytime soon?
Katy: We have 4-5 more festivals this summer including Green Man and Farmfest and yes, definitely an album in the near future!

Ardyn – The Valley

Ardyn – Over The River