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Django Django – In Your Beat

Brand new from the mighty Django Django is the wonderfully trippy In Your Beat, taken from their forthcoming album Marble Skies, due out on 26 January 2018. The album – which will also include previous single Tic Tac Toe – will feature guest appearances from Metronomy’s Anna Prior, and Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club.

Django Django – In Your Beat

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

Our new favourite song (although our barber is not quite so keen), this beauty from Aussie band Methyl Ethel has such a great bassline, neat guitar hooks and a superb chorus, all melding together in a frenzy at the end.

Taken from the forthcoming album Everything Is Forgotten, it’s an eccentric sound that reminds us in some ways of Metronomy, with just the right balance between bonkers and brilliance that you might also find from Joseph Mount and his crew. The video too is pure performance art.

Catch them live with upcoming dates in London (1 March), Leeds (2), Glasgow (3), Manchester (4), Nottingham (5) and Brighton (7).

The Perth-based band will be hitting the UK again in June as European tour support for POND, doing shows in Brighton (15 June), London (16), Leeds (17), Glasgow (19), Manchester (20), and Bristol (21).

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

Metronomy – Night Owl

It’s been musical convention that for most bands, a new album will (more or less) be a newer, slightly tweaked version of what’s gone before. Sure, they might choose either a more upbeat or sombre direction with material, but it will usually at least be recognisable as the same band.

Joseph Mount’s Metronomy ploughs a very different furrow, in that you never quite know what you’re going to get from one album to the next. We only really got into the band with 2011’s The English Rivera, an album full of endearing and very English songs and markedly different in style to its predecessors Nights Out (2008) and Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) (2006). Follow up to Riviera, Love Letters (2014) was less our thing, but this year’s Summer 08 album, released earlier this month, sees a return to Mount’s quirky ‘go your own way’ brilliance.

There is something wonderfully absurdist about new track Night Owl – and definitely when it comes to the video! – as well as previous single Old Skool. Metronomy’s music is not intended to please everyone, but the new material reaffirms Mount as one of modern music’s real innovators. It’s little wonder so many emerging electronic/alternative bands are naming him as an influence.

Metronomy – Night Owl

NZCA LINES – Oh (Call Me Back)

We’re more than slightly obsessed with music that we could never in a million years have ever dreamed up ourselves. There are several bands that fit a category of music that we consider shouldn’t in theory work or make sense, and yet ends up being pure genius.

Everything Everything, Hot ChipDutch Uncles, and Metronomy are a few examples of bands we consider leading exponents of this kind of stuff, and this new track from the magnificent NZCA Lines has some very Metronomy-esque qualities about it.

The highly inventive Michael Lovett and top drummer and all-round good egg Sarah Jones have become adept at making music that grabs the attention. Although it might not be absolutely everyone’s cup of tea, their recent album Infinite Summer is (notwithstanding the overuse of this phrase) a genuine creative masterpiece. This track however, is a little bonus that’s not on the album but was created especially for Guy Garvey’s Meltdown Festival which took place earlier this month at London’s Southbank.

Oh (Call Me Back) is awkward on first listen, intriguing on the second, and by the third go you’re hooked. Give it three spins and try telling us we’re wrong!

NZCA LINES – Oh (Call Me Back)

Metronomy – Old Skool

If there’s one group that can be guaranteed to deliver something different every time then it’s Metronomy. Back with a new album, Summer 08 (out 1 July), the new material takes things in another direction altogether, just as each of their previous albums have done.

We totally fell in love with album-before-last, 2011’s The English Riviera but were less inspired by follow-up Love Letters. The new material however promises to take a different turn again, not least as it’s pretty much the sole work of frontman and Metronomy instigator Joseph Mount.

Old Skool reflects the new album’s upbeat disco-infused sound. It’s a bonkers track with a bonkers video and, much like most of Metronomy’s music, won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But this is firmly stuck in our heads and we love it.

Metronomy – Old Skool